What is Evo?

Evo (short for Evolution) is the world’s largest fighting game event. Going on for now over a decade, Evo is the must-attend event for fighting game fans and competitors all over the world. Over three days, Evo hosts a variety of fighting game tournaments, exhibitions, and a BYOC area where gamers can compete, meet up, and generally have a good time.

Who is in charge of this event?

Joey Cuellar (MrWizard), Tom Cannon (Inkblot), and Tony Cannon (Ponder).

Are there any airline discounts for Evo attendees?

No, we don’t arrange discounts via the airlines. We do however have a discounted room rate at Mandalay BayHotel and Casino for all attendees.

Where is Evo this year?

This year Evo is at fabulous Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

When is Evo?

This year Evo is August 2-4, 2019.

What’s up with having to buy two separate tickets?

This year Evo will be held in 2 different locations in the same hotel. For Friday and Saturday, we will be holding the event in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Everyone who attends for those days (competitor or spectator) will need a ticket to enter. You can buy tickets at our Evo Registration Site. For Sunday, we will be moving to the Mandalay Bay Events Center. This is a 12,000 seat arena where the finals for Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will take place. This will be a all day event, and will not have access to a BYOC area, or any exhibitor booths. This is the world finals for those 4 games, and it will be super exciting like always. You can buy a ticket at the AXS ticket site.  This ticket is a separate ticket needed to spectate on Sunday. So if you wish to partake in all activities for all day of the event this year, you will need 2 completely separate tickets for all people attending.

Once I arrive at the Las Vegas airport how exactly do I get to the Mandalay Bay Hotel?

Good question. The Las Vegas airport provides 24 hour Taxi and Shuttle service to and from pretty much any hotel in Vegas. For Mandalay Bay, expect a cab fare of around $12 each way. There are shuttles available, but you need to arrange them in advance. Uber and Lyft are also available for use in Las Vegas.

What’s the Schedule?

The detailed schedule will be released a few weeks before Evo. The tournaments will run from Friday through Sunday. Most games will start at 10am Friday, so be ready!

How long does Evo run each day?

Usually each event day ends from 10am – 11pm. Friday and Saturday are all pools play for each game, usually 3 games each day. The Finals for all games are held throughout the weekend. The show usually ends around 10pm on Sunday.

What games are at Evo?

There are 9 official Evolution games. They are as follows:
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
Mortal Kombat XI
Samurai Shodown
DragonBall FighterZ
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Under Night In Birth: EXE Latest
Tekken 7
Soul Calibur 6

I’m going just to watch, or to support a friend. Do I have to pay the cover charge or any fees?

Yes, everyone needs to be in possession of Evo pass. Evo is a badged event, so if you don’t have your pass, you will not be allowed entry into the hall. Children under the age of 10 will be allowed in for free (Friday and Saturday), if they are accompanied by a badge holder. In the arena on Sunday, children 3 and older will need a ticket of their own.

Hey! What’s with this $5 mandatory BYOC fee?

The cost of the pass would be the same regardless of how its broken down. In Nevada, there are a bunch of fees associated with spectators and ticketing, so if you just enter any BYOC tournament (even if you just get DQed), you save a bunch of money.

But Evo Staff! Why isn’t *said game* in the lineup?

Every year, different games make the lineup. If your game isn’t in this year’s lineup, don’t worry! There will be plenty of people on hand in the BYOC to play your favorite games!

How are the Evo official tourneys run?

In general our tournaments are double elimination brackets. Check our Players Guide for details including how the pools are run and game-specific rules. This is a must read for tournament players.

What If I can’t attend Evo, can I get a refund or transfer my entry?

The Evo Registration Fee is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. We do make exceptions in rare cases. Please be very careful before registering. If you wish to register for additional games, you must log into your smash.gg account and make the changes there.

Sounds fun! Where can I register?

Do I have to qualify to enter Evo?

Evo is a open tournament, so anyone can register without having to qualify. 

Is the BYOC section free?

No. Every part of Evo is a badged event, once you have a badge, you will have access to all of our fun things to do including the BYOC. You’re more than welcome to bring your own system. The TV’s are provided but keep in mind they are in limited quantities. Try not to have a setup where you’re alone playing the CPU when there’s 20 people on a single setup waiting in line. From time to time people bring their cabs from home or supergun set ups as well.

Do you win money?

Yes. The prize money is split 60/20/10/4/2/2/1/1 between the top 8 competitors. If you are 9th and below, you get a high five!

Can we use d-pad controllers?

Yes, as long as it is a wired controller.

Are wireless controllers/arcade sticks allowed?

Some wireless controllers are allowed. Please check the Evo rules section for a complete list..

Is button mapping allowed?


Is Rapid Fire/Turbo allowed?


Are converters allowed?

Yes, the Brook Converters and boards are allowed on a temporary basis. If game systems patch them out before the event, rendering them useless, they will be banned. So be very careful and have a backup plan.

What happens if I pause during my tournament match?

I would go read the official Evo rules found in our players guide. The short answer is, if you do pause in the middle of a tournament match (for whatever reason), you will be forfeiting the round or game.

Is there a PS3 to PS4 converter?

Brook Converters makes some good ones.

Are custom arcade stick allowed?

Yes as long as they are not wireless or hacked.

I’m bringing my arcade stick. Any suggestions?

Yup. Most people including ourselves bring our stick(s) in our carry-on bag to prevent damage. Sometimes peoples carry on is their arcade stick. But if you want to pack it in your luggage make sure it’s well-padded and well secured. You know how airlines can be.

Can I sell merchandise on the Evo floor?

No. Only sponsors are allowed to sell merchandise at Evo.

Can you smoke/drink in the ballroom?


Is there an age requirement for Evo?

Yes, you need to be 13 years or older to enter without parent/guardians permission. If you are younger than 13, we will need your parents to sign some paper work for you to play as well as if you place in the top 8 of the tournament.

Can you record matches?

We allow recording to the extent that you don’t upload the footage. Please keep it to yourself and for your own personal use. We produce a lot of the footage and don’t want any of the footage on the internet before we have a chance to release it.

Will there be a pre-party this year for EVO?

Yes, and the location is to be determined.

What vendors will be at EVO?

Our sponsor list is changing every day. Chances are if they are a sponsor, they will have a booth on the floor. Bring lots of money to spend at these great sponsor booths!

How do I get my pass?

On site badge pickup will start at Thursday, August 1st at 12pm PST. Please proceed to the Evo registration area, and have the email/qr code that we sent you along with a photo ID or passport. You can pick up your pass any of the days the event is open too!

I pre-ordered a customized badge and it hasn’t arrived at my house. What do I do?

Please make sure you double check that you paid $15 for a customized badge first before emailing in. Secondly we are not mailing them out this year. You will not have to stand in the normal long lines. You can go ahead and skip to the VIP registration area and pick up your badge there.

I can’t make it to Evo. What options are there for me to watch?

We offer a free stream for people that can’t attend Evo. If you want to enhance your streaming experience, you can upgrade your account to High Definition viewing, as well as having access to Evo subscription chat! This goes for a small fee, and all profits go to a deserving cause.

Will there be any panels this year?

Of course. Panels will be on Friday and Saturday of Evo 2019. Stay tuned to the website for panel information. Panels are for in person attendees and will not be streamed.

What’s the deadline for early bird registration and how much will I save by registering early?

April 8, 2019, 11:59PM PDT for early bird, and June 8, 2019 12:00pm PDT and you will save $20 for early bird/normal registration!

What’s the deadline for registration?

July 14, 2019, 8:00PM PDT

I can no longer make it to Evo, can I give my friend my registration?

No, you can’t. Evo registrations are non-transferable and besides you need a photo ID to pick up your badge!

Can I purchase a spectator pass on-site?

Yes, they will be sold on site at the registration area for $50 per day, Friday and Saturday.

Will there be food available to purchase inside the hall?

Yes, inside the Evo room, as well as in the hallways of the Convention Center, there are alot of food options!

Do I really need a separate ticket to watch on Sunday?

Yes, you need a separate ticket to watch the finals on Sunday and that can be purchased at axs.com. Just search for Evo 2019.

Does the Mandalay Bay Events Center have re-entry?

Yes they do! Just get your hand stamped on the way out, and you can re-enter later on.

What Should I Bring to Evo?

Make sure to bring a valid photo I.D. to pick up your badge and/or arena ticket. We also recommend bringing an empty water bottle to fill up at our water stations and stay hydrated. Expect a line for security and badge pickup, so arrive early! Your badge is required at all times to enter the event space on Friday and Saturday, and your ticket is required to enter the arena on Sunday.

What Can’t I Bring to Evo?

For a list of prohibited items at the Mandalay Bay Events Center, please visit https://mandalaybay.mgmresorts.com/en/entertainment/mandalay-bay-events-center.html

What Are The Security Procedures at Evo?

Attendees are encouraged to arrive early to avoid delays and help speed the entry of all guests. All attendees will go through a screening process before entering the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and Mandalay Bay Events Center and all bags will be subject to search. https://mandalaybay.mgmresorts.com/en/entertainment/mandalay-bay-events-center.html

Is there an EVO Jersey available for purchase this year?

If there is, it will be posted on the Evo website, or via our twitter and Facebook accounts. Stay up to date with Evo news if you want a chance to own one!