Tournament Format

Tournament Phases

Evo 2020 is an open tournament. Each game tournament will have hundreds of competitors, so we divide the tournament into three phases: Qualification Pools, the Semifinal Bracket, and the Tournament Finals. These brackets will be put online three days before the tournament starts to ensure we didn’t miss anyone, and to make sure people are spread out.

Prize Structure

Think you can place in the money? That’s the spirit. Evo awards cash prizes to the top eight places at a rate proportional to the number of attendees. Ten dollars from the registration fee of each participant will go into a tournament prize pool, which will be awarded to the top finishers at a 50/15/10/7/5/5/4/4 split. For example, if 300 people enter a tournament, the total prize pool for that tournament will be $3000 ($300 x 10), paying out $1500 to first place (50% of $3000), $450 to second place (15% of $3000), and $300 to third place (10% of $3000), and so on.